RenGard RG-16 Cooking Digital Probe Meat Thermometer with Alarm

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Brand: RenGard

Color: Silver


  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN - EASIER READINGS: No need to abuse your hands, neck, or eyes to read the grill's temperature again and again. The larger and back-lit LCD screen fitted in the tabletop design allows you to note the internal states of meat with the ease. No more goodbyes to the fun parties just to deny the tiring cooking. Get this digital thermometer now and party hard!
  • PRESET AND MANUAL PROGRAMMING: Comes with predetermined meat temperature as per USDA guidelines for different types of meat, e.g. beef, pork, poultry, ham, fish, etc. While you also have the freedom to set your rules and temperature for different dishes! Stop worrying about the boring presets and make most of your RenGard BBQ Thermometer, buy now.
  • STEP-DOWN PROBE TIP DESIGN: Common is the cooked meat that's still raw inside. Such a dish can ruin both the taste and health of your family. But no more, not with the smart Grill Thermometers. The step-down probe tip lets you ease the needle-like probe thermometer deeper into the meat. So you can read the different temperature states in the dense parts, which is the best indicator of the cooked (or raw) states of meat.
  • ULTIMATE FREEDOM: Equipped with advanced features like PERSONALIZED ALARMS, COUNTDOWN and COUNT UP TIMERS, ROBUST BUILT and EXTENDED TEMPERATURE RANGE. These cooking thermometers allow you to get busy with other pending chores while your meat heats up for your dishes. Have fun, take a walk, or click some jokes; no need to stare at the meat all the time like it's about to eat you instead; lol.
  • CERTIFIED - YEARLONG WARRANTY: We got them CE CERTIFIED and ROHS & FDA APPROVED. And if that doesn't get you excited, each RenGard RG-16 internal meat thermometer comes with a yearlong warranty, i.e. a total risk-free deal. Don't go for our word, do your research, and confirm who the best is. Then, click that 'Add to Cart' button... But hurry, get yours before the stock lasts.


RenGard RG-16 BBQ and Cooking Thermometer: Let's redefine the easiest!

Grill. Meat. Beef. Pork. Poultry...
Do you remember something other than the yummy dishes? The boring and never-ending barbecue or cooking procedure? Gosh..! That's torture for many. And the best part is to whether it's the right time to take it off the grill. Is it still raw inside or about to burn or both?
Next, comes the expert advice - no raw nor burnt!
Terrifying!? Well, no more. Because RenGard's all new - RG-16 Step-down probe BBQ Thermometer comes with the one and only motto - Cook like Mom & play like YOU.

With our advanced food thermometer, you can measure the interior temperature of the meat without any hassle. It helps you to maximize the nutritional value of your food as well as the taste (by complete cooking without burning the important nutrients). So your food qualifies the standards - TASTY AND HEALTHY (Mom's food)!

Again, you do not need to stand next to the barbecue with your eyes fixed on the food (like your eyes are doing the real work, not the stove!). Nor do you need to make guesses based on the perfume, colors, astral signs, number of plates, or whatsoever. In short, you got your FREEDOM. You can do what interests you. No need to alarm your brain each next moment, there's an alarm in your RenGard RG-16 Kitchen Thermometer which would ring whenever it's the time. Just, be YOU (You).

Oh, I know you love it.

But you still have to click that 'Add to Cart' button to get this tabletop design on your tabletop.