Blow Torch - Best Culinary Torch - Aluminum Kitchen Hand Butane Torch

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Brand: Yummy tools

Color: Silver


  • COOKING LIKE A CHEF IS EASY. The culinary butane torch lets both beginners and professional chefs expand their cooking options. With the blow torch you'll be able to make caramel, Crème-Brule, an appetizing crust on a pie or meat, and melt cheese or chocolate.
  • NOT ONLY FOR THE KITCHEN. Use the butane torch as a convenient and safe lighter or burner. For welding, soldering, dabbing, brazing, jewelry crafting, repairs and more. A compact burner is ideal for outdoor cooking, firing hookah coals or lighting wood in a fire when camping or travelling.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, EASY TO USE CONSTRUCTION. The Yummy Tools butane culinary torch head in an aluminum body is durable, safe and convenient to use with one hand. A stable base, and fully safe design. Multiple uses with easy gas refilling - using our kitchen dab torch is so easy and convenient! Butane is not included.
  • ADJUST FIRE USING MODES. Our refillable culinary torch has 2 fire modes. Set the power of the butane torch flame according to the purpose of use.
  • A RECIPE E-BOOK AS A GIFT. When buying the Yummy Tools culinary torch kitchen chef lighter for creme brulee and cooking professional food, you get a Recipe e-Book, «Culinary Torch - the Best Recipes», for free.


The Yummy Tools culinary chef torch is a useful, multifunctional kitchen device which lets you cook any dish quickly and easily. Great for making great desserts, baking meat or potatoes with a crispy top, and melting cheese or chocolate - the precision cooking culinary torch can do it all. Cook like a real chef at home. With the culinary torch micro butane lighter for chefs lets you make creme brulee with a blow torch at home. All your dishes will be restaurant quality.

The Culinary torch can be used not only at home. With the help of a compact burner, you can easily make a fire, do small home repairs and many other things.

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Using the kitchen culinary torch for cooking creme brulee is very easy. 2 fire modes let you adjust the fire intensity. The aluminum body of this divine culinary torch fits your hand comfortably and is fully stable on any surface. The high quality Yummy Tools culinary creme brulee butane gas torch is a lighter which is perfect for professional or kitchen use and can be simply loaded with gas again when it runs out.

Butane not included.

Size: 133*180*60mm. Use time when fully loaded with butane: 45 min.

Order the butane culinary torch from Yummy Tools and get an e-Book called «Culinary Torch - the Best Recipes» for free.

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